THE ART OF BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY II (on CD only now and forever...)

The Art of Bird Photography II (on CD only) is the all-new continuation of the How-To classic, "The Art of Bird Photography; The Complete Guide to Professional Field Techniques."    One chapter covers all aspects of Digital Photography and includes a section on understanding histograms.  It also includes Artie’s digital workflow along with tons of great Photoshop tips.   Other chapters include "Equipment; What's New?,"  "Advanced Composition and Image Design,"  "It Ain't Just Birds," "Exposure and Flash Simplified," and "Advanced Sharpness Techniques & Creating Pleasing Blurs."  The "Practicalities" chapter includes a detailed section on setting up your backyard for bird photography as well as sections on photographing on safari and on the tundra.  Each image in the book includes all the technical data and is accompanied by the legendary educational captions that have made Artie’s free on-line Bulletins so popular.  Most chapters will include one or more galleries designed to illustrate and reinforce the principles covered in the text.  There are two copies of the book on the CD.  Open the "Spreads" version to best enjoy the beauty of the images and the layout and design.  Open the "Single Pages" version for easy reading. 


You can order your copy of ABP II right now for $40 plus $3 shipping (U.S. only) by calling us at 863-692-0906 between 8am and 9pm Eastern Time with your credit card information, by sending a Paypal for $43.00 to us at, or by sending a check for $43.00 made out to "Arthur Morris" to PO 7245, Indian Lake Estates, FL 33855. Florida residents please send $45.80, which includes sales tax.   Shipping cost to Canada is $6.00, for a total of $46.00.  For all other overseas orders, shipping is $8.00, for a total cost of $48.00.  

If you purchased a pre-publication copy of the book, you can purchase the final version for only $10.00 plus the shipping costs (as above).

The response to the pre-publication versions of The Art of Bird Photography II have been overwhelmingly positive.

Chuck Westfall, Canon’s top US tech rep, was kind enough to review ABP II for me.  Here, in part, is what he had to say:  “Thanks so much for the CD.  It's magnificent!    I was just talking with Steve Inglima, head of the Canon’s Explorers of Light program, and  told him that I have never been as blown away by any other photo book as I was by this one.  The amount of useful information is incredible, and the quality of the images is outstanding overall. I'm not saying that all of them are museum pieces, but they fit so well with the text, that as a net result, they prove the points you are making.”


From noted professional Carl R. Sams II ( & via e-mail:  "Arthur Morrisąs digital book is a 900+ page masterpiece. I donąt read many photographic books, but reading this one was addictive.  Itąs chock full of incredible images, ideas and information about locations, composition and use of all types of gear for bird and wildlife photography.  Even top photographers will learn tons from this book. Arthur is a master of bird photography and a great teacher who keeps no secrets. He loves photography and in ABP II shares all with the world."


Here is the CD cover-quote from Jim Brandenburg, one of my heroes:  “Arthur’s bird photographs have a truly unequalled elegance. As artist, he shares a rare gift of quiet intimacy in his work, then as teacher, powerfully describes the steps of this most delicate ballet with his shy and elusive feathered partner.”

From Steve Ozcomert via e-mail:
Dear Artie,  I skimmed through the entire book tonight.  I will spend more time with it, but it is already worth the price of admission for me!  It is beautiful and filled with practical help for folks like me who are trying to learn how to make the kinds of gorgeous images with which you provide inspiration.  For example, the practical advice on setting up perches--selecting attractive perches, locating them, etc., will help me greatly.  I suspect that many are like me--with little time to stray far from home--but with enough time to go into the backyard and pray for an interesting bird to land on an attractive perch near the feeders.   I am confident that this brief, but pithy, section of your book will help many.  The photographs are of course, great, but the practical "how to" information--even the seemingly common-sensical or seemingly mundane--makes this book a treasure trove.  I look forward to exploring it more fully soon.  Thank you for this wonderful and worthy successor to your classic "Art of Bird Photography."  All the best to you and yours,  Steve
From NANPA Keynoter Wendy Shattil via e-mail:
Dear Artie, I just had an opportunity for a first look at the CD you gave us and it is exquisite! Not that I would expect anything less, but your sequel to the Art of Bird Photography; The Complete Guide to Professional Field Techniques is bound to become a classic.  Good shooting,  Wendy 

From Joe Jaroz via e-mail:

Hi Art,  I received the CD for ABP II and all that I can say is that it is incredible. There is so much information in ABP II that it will take a while to digest it all. It's more than a book on making creative pictures of birds, it's a reference standard. Incredible!  Thanks again for a great book; I've learned a lot already!   Joe 

From Brian Powell via e-mail:

Hi Art, I'm enjoying the pre-release "The Art of Bird Photography II" that I bought at NANPA.  Thank you so much for putting it together.  I also wanted to say that reading it on the computer line is much easier than I expected  it to be.  I normally prefer hardcopy books and magazines, but your PDF book is very readable.  Thanks again, Brian 

From Monte Brown by e-mail: 

"The final version of ABP II is superb just like your other work; your depth of knowledge and unequalled artistic skill flies off on every page."